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Reddit Adds Bitcoin Payments to Merchandise Store
2015年03月11日 大字 標準 小字
Reddit Adds Bitcoin Payments to Merchandise Store
Reddit has announced that its merchandise store, RedditMarket, is now accepting bitcoin.

Coinbase will process users’ payments on the platform, which sells a variety of Reddit paraphernalia, including a $142 plush toy of the site’s mascot, Shoo.

Reddit’s decision was well-received on Twitter, although some users expressed their wish for RedditMar
ket to accept other altcoins such as dogecoin.

When the announcement was posted on Reddit it attracted a positive response from seemingly excited bitcoin aficionados.

The news comes a couple of months after Reddit’s cryptocurrency engineer, Ryan X Charles, was let go from his post after a brief four-month stint at the company.

Charles had made plans to enable peer-to-peer payments on Reddit, allowing users to register their bitcoin address and receive payments from others, however these were shelved following the resignation of CEO Yishan Wong.

It is unclear whether Reddit plans to pursue this functionality at a later date.


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