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Bitcoin efforts to expand the business to the general
2015年09月11日 大字 標準 小字
This is a translation of the article Robot

Changjiang Daily News

The company’s chief commercial officer Bitcoin Sonny Singh, has been committed Bitcoin global enterprise application. Most recently, he led a discussion about Bitcoin: block chain technology for banks, the rapid growth of venture capital, as well as the importance of small business
and e-commerce businesses.

The world’s top accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis shows that in 2015 bitcoin investments have totaled $ 9.16 billion, an increase of 262.5% over the current year on year. In the past two years, the global acceptance bitcoin institutions and users has announced positive growth in its sales revenue. Dell and online retail giants such as TigerDirect, have reported positive sales growth Bitcoin year earlier. More and more well-known international companies such as Dell, Microsoft, is working hard to expand the value of bitcoins in general business applications, promotional Bitcoin.

In this regard, the largest Bitcoin trading platform founder Xu star said: "Bitcoin global number of users and volume from 2013 to the present has increased in recent times, and expand the scope of application has also brought investment scale increase and aggregation of talent, there will be future Bitcoin broader development prospects. "(General)


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