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Bitcoin is to adapt the UK contact-free payment of a better choice
2015年09月15日 大字 標準 小字
This is a translation of the article Robot

Popular to residents living in various countries to bring the convenience contact-free payments. Contact-free payment Britain has become the mainstream of British payment, but paying the minimum limit increased by 50%, the business must be equipped with additional equipment in order to make payments. The intro
duction of a minimum payment limit not only to customers and trading businesses brought trouble, delayed update equipment also increased inconvenience.

However, Bitcoin technique adapted well to the UK this new policy. When Bitcoin user payment, either in-store or online, without going through the tedious process of payment details. Simply use your mobile device camera to scan automatically generated two-dimensional code, the user will be able to complete the transaction. Some mobile Bitcoin wallet provider as early as a few months ago to achieve the integration of NFC and Bluetooth payments. For businesses, the benefits of the introduction of the largest bitcoin payments are not required to purchase additional infrastructure. In addition, only a small amount of Bitcoin trading transaction fees, and transaction amount in the next day in the form of local legal currency deposit business bank account, the advantage is self-evident.

In this regard, China’s largest Bitcoin trading platform OKCoin founder Xu star said: "From the traditional cash payment, the bank card payment, to the contact-free payment, every change of payment, will lead to changes in the industry, to daily life of residents brought great changes Bitcoin low transaction costs and advantages of cross-border payments conform to the needs to simplify payment, after all, both a trend of the times, and practical good budget choice "

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