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AXA bitcoin fancy features that simplify the remittance market
2015年09月15日 大字 標準 小字
Currency Gold Investment News, a partner of venture fund told CoinDesk, multinational investment banks AXA Group (AXA) Bitcoin fancy features that simplify the remittance market.

Minh Q Tran said the French AXA Group AXA’s investment strategy through digital currency will be regarded as a kind of "investment theory."

He said: "We believe that man
y bitcoin-related usage unexplored us how to use Bitcoin and general encryption currency in the remittance market is very interested."

Although so far no bitcoin block chain start-up companies or receive AXA Investment.

In addition to using Bitcoin in the remittance market, AXA Group is a leading insurance brand, is exploring how technology is used in the block chain such as real estate, wealth management, intellectual property and insurance fields.

Although the bank is still a risk-averse industry, but a lot of big companies are now in their efforts to explore the potential of the block chain technology.

Spain’s Bankinter has become the first bank to invest Bitcoin companies. Coinffeine, in November last year also received a sum of money secretly Innovation Fund. Companies, including BBVA has since begun to follow suit.


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