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The Bank of England’s top economist has suggested that a digital currency based on bitcoin could alleviate monetary policy problems.

Andrew Hald

The wave up has reached our expected target but we now face a dilemma: The last hour’s candle closed above our designated contention zone. The implica

Computer science has this thing called “big-O notation” (that’s O as in “oh”, not zero). It is a way of describing how algorithms behave as they’re gi

bank of England, bitcoin

Bank of England might just start using bitcoin or other forms of electronic money in order to bring about sustainable fin

Bern residents can now easily through the ATM machine Bitcoin transaction, the transaction fee will be charged 5 percent, the maximum daily limit of $

Last year, governments introduced policies to restrict development and Bitcoin virtual currency "bubble" burst, the Bitcoin has brought to its knees.

Nine major investment banks including J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have partnered with distributed ledger startup R3CEV.

The partnership

Currency Gold Investment News, a partner of venture fund told CoinDesk, multinational investment banks AXA Group (AXA) Bitcoin fancy features that sim

Including Visa, Nasdaq, Citigroup, including financial industry chiefs are bringing money to pound called block chain technology. The technology not o

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Popular to residents living in various countries to bring the convenience contact-free payments. Cont

At the crux of the block-size limit debate in Bitcoin is an argument between scaling and securing the network. Although raising the block-size limit w

Scotland is being urged to create its own digital currency. Known as the ScotPound, the currency would operate in an identical manner to bitcoin. A Sc

Billed as a potential venue for debate on more heated issues surrounding the long-term viability of the bitcoin network, Scaling Bitcoin saw a who’s w

A very interesting trend that has emerged within the forex industry is the increasing popularity of Bitcoin among the brokers.

If we look back a

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Changjiang Daily News

The company’s chief commercial officer Bitcoin Sonny Singh, has been comm

5 Ways to Spend Bitcoin in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been somewhat of a bitcoin haven.

With startups seeking to make the city the "bitc

China’s craze for bitcoins has been well-documented over the past year, but a new report highlights just how dominant of a player the country is.

An additional 150 victims of the allegedly fraudulent bitcoin exchange MyCoin have come forward to police, according to the South China Morning Post.

The Bter crypto currency exchange that was recently hacked and over 7000 BTC were stolen has officially detailed their plans to return to full operati

Interviewing the Winklevoss twins presents a unique problem: In retrospect, it can be extremely difficult to work out who said what.

In person,


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