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SupplyFAQ Information and FAQS
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SupplyFAQ Information and FAQS
We are factory direct manufacturers, especially the establishment of this website is to be able to set up multi-currency transactions, in addition to the national currency, Here, we accept payment BTC In addition, we can also accept other Poloniex, bittrex, Other digital currency Bter, Btc100 transactions such as circulation!

Use these currencies can accelerate our transaction, one of the few cases in the product purchased, nor do they need because of exchange fees, exorbitant fees and give up.

Anyway, when we produce raw materials, plant hire, artificial begin RMB or US dollar-denominated, the plant can get gross profit of 10% or less normally, we After the BTC can not stand or other digital currency oscillations, the transaction will be denominated in US dollars or Renminbi, your payment will be converted to other currencies, the US dollar or the RMB as soon as possible Calculations.

This site set to do some details of the transaction, but may have to ask or order, before the completion, the first country to provide our normal currency transactions The FAQS for reference: Welcome letter

1. What is advantage of your products, rechargeable candle set?

1) electronic candle, True flicker, Flame proof and Wind proof

2) rechargeable, 500 cycles, Save cost and Enviornment friendly

3) color option (Amber, Warm white, Cool white, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Red), Create different atmosphere

4) Inductive charging, Avoids all pins, prongs or bothersome slots to line up. Just drop the tealights into their charger holes.

5) Linkable charge bases, Save sockets and space

6) Remote control (Function: standard on/ off, timer, brightness option, flicking/ steady option, color option), Convenient, 1 remote controls unlimited candles

7) Longer burning time, 8 hour charge provides up to 20 hours of use

2. Can you put my unique logo or name on the products or packages?

Yes, we can put your logo or name onto the products. Just email us the logo or name, we will discuss details.

4.Can I get samples?

We are happy to send samples for your review and test. Samples are charged and shipping cost has to be paid by you. Because we receive many samples requests every day, it is hard for us to afford all these costs. But sample charge will be returned after you place official order.

5.What is your minimum order quantity? It depends on which products you order and the complexity of the products. Please contact us for the minimum quantity.

6.Do you customize products for clients? Yes, we custom make products, including but not limited to the color, size, style, logo etc. And we are also able to improve and design new products with your individual requirement.

7.How to place an order?

To place the order, tell us the item and quantity you need by email or phone call, we will quote the prices accordingly. Once the prices are confirmed, we will send you the pro-forma invoice and bank information, and estimate the delivery date, at the same time, make production sample for your approval, followed by production arrangement and goods shipping.

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